807 South McDonough Street   
Montgomery, AL 36104-5080
RSA Union
Montgomery, Alabama
The RSA Union was designed in the early nineties by PH&J
Architects and Brice Building Company, as general contractor,
completed construction of the 10-story 450,000-S.F. thirty-two
million dollar facility in 1995.  The architectural pre-cast concrete
and curtain walled structure was the third in a series of office
developments by the Retirement Systems of Alabama undertaken
to help consolidate the functions of State Government into the
existing geographic area of the Capitol Complex.  This project was
bid during period of downturn in the construction cycle and
allowed the client to purchase finishes such as granite floors and
walls at an overall construction cost of $76/S.F..  This project was
delivered on time and within budget and continues to serve as a
showplace in the downtown area.       
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